Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A gift to remember

It is extremely difficult to see all the excitement of Christmas this year when what I hold most dear was taken from me. I am not being bitter, just real. As hard as this is, has been and will be, I am forever grateful for everyone's support and love. Thank you all so much. I pray that you hold your families close this Christmas and every after that, as well as reflect on your blessings rather than hardships. Have a blessed Christmas and remember why we celebrate this day.

I went to some close friends to watch the kids open their Christmas gifts and get out of the house for some fresh air. Adrienne loved all of our friends children as if they were her own, everyone knew how good she was with them. That is all I can think about every time I see the kids, Is her loving on them and our talks of excitement to one day have our own. After all the chaos of tearing into their presents was over and all that remained was a mountain of wrapping paper my friends handed me a neatly wrapped little box titled, To: Jesse,  From: Adrienne. Upon reading this my heart became heavy and started beating sporadically. Through all that she was going through, my wife managed to arrange helping get me a Christmas gift which is by far the most meaningful and important gift I have ever received. I waited until getting home in the solitude of my bedroom. It was a new shiny watch, and by far the fanciest in my collection today. She did not know it but I bought her the Michael Kors watch that she had hinted at so many times the months leading up to December. I did not have the chance to give her this gift, so I felt it was fitting that her Mother have it for Christmas as well as the story behind it. No Christmas will ever be the same without you here, your kind heart, so giving, so loving and full of joy.

Watch in hand, cuddling with your knit blanket I fell asleep in a puddle of tears thinking of you laying next to me.  

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  1. This is beautiful! And you're right, we have to reflect on our blessings rather than hardships.

    The love story is not over Jesse.