Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shock and confusion

I sat up late last night reading cards, letters and sweet words of love from family, friends and complete strangers who have been touched by Adrienne's kindness. It brings my heart some joy in this time of darkness just knowing how much she was loved by so many people, and from all walks of her life, friends new and old, near and far. There truely are no words that could ever explain this, nor take the pain away, but I am and always will be forever greatful for all of your support, and shared fond memories of my wife. I always knew that I found something special when we met, from her contagious smile, her undeniable heart of gold, her sassy side, and her sharp wit. Adrienne was one of the strongest people I have ever met, Not once complained for going through what she was, just taking each and every hurdle without breaking stride. Adrienne was an amazing woman, friend, daughter, sister, wife and now gaurdian angel to watch over us. We talked so many times about how we wished she had met my father Roy who passed 14 years ago Dec 18th. and I pray that she is walking hand in hand with him through the streets of heaven. She would always ask me "do you think he would like me?" No baby doll, I know without a shadow of doubt that he adores you as I and so many other people do. My heart is completely broken, and i feel lost without a sense of direction without you by my side. I woke up today reaching to your side of the bed to wrap my arm around you, and then was hit with a sense of panic. This is a nightmare, it has to be, closing my eyes praying that I was really asleep and this wasn't real. I pray that you know how much I adore you and will have you in my heart always and forever. Please watch over us all and give me strength and courage to carry on. I love you forever


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