Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sky Lanterns

Tonight a group of our close friends and I planned on getting together to do something special  for your Birthday. I spent most of the day with Jerry and one of your favorite little babies Bentley Cooper. That little boy always had a special place in your heart. He is getting so big and is spoiled as ever. After the sun set we met up with Kim and the kids to ride out to the lake and release some lanterns. It was so peaceful this night, nice and cool, with calm waters overlooking the lake from the beach at Spring Lakes. This is where we would always launch our boat for our wake boarding & attempted fishing trips on the weekends. The lake was one of your favorite places close to home to just get away and enjoy its peace and serenity. We lit Sky lanterns and set them drifting off into the night sky, making wishes as we would let them fly. They were so beautiful and in that moment, watching them drift above the lake you loved so much, I felt close to you.  If only I could pause these moments and stay in them forever, to feel you near me once again.  I hope that you saw the lanterns and enjoyed their beauty, as well as heard the wishes made. If I say what I wished for it won’t come true so I’ll keep mine between you and I. Carolyn wished for candy and something else crazy that I can’t recall at the moment. That little girl is still as sassy, cute and smart as ever and uses the batty eyes far too often, but it works on Uncle Jesse.
Thank you for the bit of comfort tonight Love.

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