Monday, March 10, 2014

"Here I Stand"

“Here I Stand” 
Here I stand learning to walk for what feels like the first time
Everything is so different, difficult, new and unfamiliar
I try to make sense of it all but find no reason or rhyme

Here I stand confused, torn, and broken hearted
Missing your loving embrace, support and presence
A lot of time is spent reminiscing on when our love first started

Here I stand seeking God’s wisdom for guidance and direction
It is all that seems to give my heart peace and ease my mind
So I often hit me knees begging him for his grace and protection

Here I stand with a different outlook on all that I thought I knew
What is truly important and what I value morally & spiritually
My heart scarred but open and accepting to what I know is true

Here I stand trying to do the best that I can to honor your name
Making you proud gives me strength to continue on day to day
Helping me do what is right, stay the course and not lose my aim

Here I stand missing you, holding on to every memory we share
Wishing that I could tell you I love you or feel your touch one more time
I hope and pray that you know just how much I love you, & how much I care
Here I stand Forever & Always unconditionally loving you.

Her favorite place. This is how I will always remember her.

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