Sunday, March 30, 2014

Two Year Anniversary

Today we would be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. This morning I went through all of our pictures from that beautiful weekend in Savannah and our honeymoon just trying to relive those moments. Every photo from our wedding album is filled with so much happiness and love that was shared with all of the amazing people we were blessed to have in our lives. I still find myself confused at times looking at old photos or reflecting on memories we made, and think to myself that all of this cannot be real. The pain and void created by your absence is especially hard on days like today. I would give anything to rewind back to this day 2 years ago and relive it once again surrounded by those we love and lost in your beauty. You were always beautiful, but on this day you were especially stunning. I remember the first moment I saw you that day. Blindfolded at the park in the warm sunshine I waited anxiously for our first look. You kissed me before removing the tie covering my eyes and that first glimpse of you will be forever in my mind. I am trying to think of only these positive happy memories today and not be down. Miss you and Love you forever baby. Happy 2 year anniversary.  


  1. I know how terribly difficult anniversaries can be. My wife Dawn Marie passed away unexpectedly before our 13th. As difficult as it I know it is for you, please know that you are not alone. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever need to chat.

    1. After her passing I was immediately faced with Christmas, New Years, her Birthday, Valentines Day and now our two year anniversary all within three and a half months. These all were very difficult for me as well as her family. I am extremely sorry to hear of your wife's passing. Thank you for your support. I continue to read your posts and am grateful that you have shared them.