Friday, April 11, 2014

Fall Wedding

Taken just before my little brother's wedding.
Adrienne and I were married in March of 2012 in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA.  We were blessed to have perfect weather and the company of so many amazing friends and family members from near and far. We all have so many fun stories and memories that we share from this day. Wes, one of my 6 brothers met his wife at our wedding. She was a Friend from college and one of Adrienne's bridesmaids, and of course he was a groomsman and the two of them were paired to walk down the isle together not knowing that they would be taking this walk again in the near future, but at their own wedding.

Adrienne & I with two other Dill brides!
Their wedding was set for November of 2013 in the beautiful mountains of North GA. Adrienne & I were both asked to be part of the wedding party. We were so thrilled to be there and celebrate with them as well as support them like they had done at our wedding. All of the excitement was sort of disrupted shortly before the wedding...

Just a few weeks prior to the wedding Adrienne, her family, and I had a post treatment appoint with the Dr. to discuss the scan results... I am not going to go into detail at the moment but will just say that the results we received that day were not what we expected, prayed for, begged for nor should have gotten. This day was the first time that I broke down in front of my wife in tears that I could not hold back no matter how strong I tried to be for her. We were both scared, confused and shocked that this was happening. We talked about it daily, how she had overcome so much, surgery after surgery and treatments all without breaking stride or a complaint of feeling sorry for herself though she had every right in the world to. She is one of the strongest people that I have ever known in my life and the fact that we did not get the good news that I know she deserved completely broke my heart. After all she had been through and overcome already, why this.... why more... We both truly in our hearts and minds believed that the fight was won, that we could have our normal lives back and continue on pursuing the dreams and goals as a newly wed couple should. Unfortunately this was not the case...

My oldest brother, his wife, and Adrienne. Love this picture!
After receiving this news we started researching more treatment options as well as Doctors. We did not tell many people at all about the news we got and did not intend to until after my brother's wedding. This was to be the happiest day of their lives and Adrienne & I were at an absolute low with crushed spirits trying so hard to not let it show. I remember watching her walk down the isle that day as a bridesmaid having to do all I could not to burst out weeping. Though I fought it, tears streamed down my face as I watched the woman that I married less than two years prior walk down that isle. Just knowing what was going on in her body and the fight  before us was more than I could take standing there that day. It makes me so angry because these should have been tears of joy and celebration for the marriage between my brother, and our good friend, but they were tears of pain, hurt, and confusion..... As hard as this time was for both of us I am so thankful that she got to spend this time with my family and will Cherish the memories from their wedding forever. Little did we know that they would be some of the last. Thank you for your love, thank you for your memory and thank you for your undeniable heart of gold that made an impact on the lives of many.


  1. I believe people come into our lives for a reason. They teach us about ourselves... good or bad we grow through each person who affects our life. I have found love to be the biggest lessons in my life but grief the hardest to make sense of.
    I hope your writing helps you work your way through a broken heart.

    1. This is so very true Debra, and I completely agree with you that grief is by far one of the darkest, confusing, and hardest things to make any sense of whatsoever. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.