Sunday, April 13, 2014

Four Months

It has been four months since we have been blessed with your company here... Four painful, confusing, blurry, lonely months that still feel like one long nightmare that I continue to pray for an end to. I have been so busy these four months trying to keep my mind off of everything and to surround myself by loved ones who can provide bits of comfort. Some days it feels like progress is made taking steps in the right direction and others it feels like I'm regressing back to where I do not want to be.
My family is flying in town this weekend to support Miles4Melanoma and Team Adrienne at the 5k we are doing in your honor. Nearly 70 participants have signed up raising well over 3,500 towards melanoma research. Half of the team I have yet to meet, but they are all lives that were touched by your beautiful heart. I love you baby and miss you.


  1. There is no "right direction" in this Jesse, try not to put expectations on yourself. Just do your best to put one foot in front of the other right now. You cannot put a timetable on grieving. God bless you man.

  2. I am slowly accepting that fact Glenn and trying not to make expectations... I dont think I try to or if its just being so completely overwhelmed that I dont know what else to do or that I am even doing it for that matter.