Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Summer Fun

As summer fast approaches it brings along with it many fond memories that Adrienne and I made together. I grew up in the snow and still love it but I have most definitely been converted into a summer loving beach bum with my sweet southern bride to blame. We always stayed busy taking weekend getaways to the beach, camping trips to the lake, baseball games and any possible concert that we could find. I love good live music but Adrienne had a deep appreciation for it and we were always on the lookout for the next one to check out. 
This summer will be different and the first time in years that I will not have my best friend, wife, and sidekick with me to continue making these memories... A first time attending a concert without her singing by my side or trying to get me to dance; That first ball game without my arm around her in the bleachers; The first beach trip that I will watch the sunrise and set trying to imagine her next to me rather than holding her in my arms. So far I have gone to a concert and baseball season opener which were both bitter sweet. They bring me some comfort in the form of familiarity, which is rare for me at the moment. They also make me feel more lonely and intensify the sting of her not being here.
Last night at the concert I could see her standing there dancing and singing along to every song just like she would always do. She would often catch me watching her sing and give me that flirty, contagious and beautiful little smile so full of love. None of these things will ever be the same without her, but I am going to continue doing them trying to allow joy and life into my heart as well as to keep all of these good memories alive within me.


  1. Jesse

    Curious if your on the webo
    "Widowed Village". I'm on there as (Doug02122014) and have kept an eye out for you to " friend". Would be great to have your experiences on there too.


  2. It is great that you are out there seeking joy in an effort to keep those memories alive Jesse. I couldn't seem to engage in those types of activities early in widowhood myself. Keep on doing what you do, and please keep sharing your experiences!

    And Doug is right, Widowed Village is a wonderful community. I didn't find it until last year, but I am glad that I finally did. I am there as Clearwater Widower. God bless :-)

  3. Doug, I just signed up. Thank you for letting me know about the site.
    Glenn, Thank you. Some days I still dont want to leave my room, but I know that I must so I choose to keep busy and stay active. We were a very active couple and doing some of the same things we did together helps me still feel close to her. Its extremely hard at tiimes though... Thanks for your support.