Friday, May 2, 2014

Milestone Birthday

All this week I was dreading Thursday, as it was May 1st and my thirtieth Birthday. I can honestly say that this is the first Birthday in my life that I was not excited about or looking forward to. Not because it was the "BIG" 30, because of the fact that my loving wife who always made these significant days so much more meaningful and important. She always surprised me with a gift, party, or in any other way that she could to make me feel like the most special guy in the world. Her heart was so big and she loved to do that not only for me but also for friends and family. My father in-law had his Birthday last month and I know that he was feeling the same way that I did this entire week. This broke my heart, and even though we took him to dinner, and got him some pretty neat gifts, it just was not the same.

I was in the dumps with this day fast approaching and decided that I had to do something to bring a bit of joy to cheer me up, as I know she we would want. I traded our family car in for a Jeep, which is what I have wanted since before I was able to drive. Logically, it makes no sense, and I might regret it down the road but I don't even care at all because right now, in this very moment, I am happy. That is all I was trying to accomplish, so call it a midlife crisis, a simple gift, or call it what you will but I was simply trying to bring some joy and happiness that I would have normally had if she was here to celebrate with me. She knew how much I loved them and we always joked about her buying me one when she finished her PA schooling. I can see her riding shotgun, hair blowing in the wind, feet on the dash, and jamming out to the stereo as we skipped town for one of our adventures!  I Love you Adrienne Marie, Thank you for loving me and for all of our memories together. You still have my heart...


  1. With Mother's Day lurking and my son gone, I've done much the same. I went and bough a convertible after not having one for two years. We need to be kind to ourselves sometimes. We are also not promised tomorrow.

    1. This is very true, and I hope that your nice car brings you joy every time you get in to drive it. There is something therapeutic about the wind blowing all around you with the top down, and I know that I have spent a lot of time driving/reflecting these last few months.