Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dashboard Message For Strength

"Being here without you is like I'm waking up to
only half a blue sky
kind of there but not quite
walking around with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man at best
with half an arrow in my chest
i miss everything we used to do
I'm half a man without you"

This is the song that was playing on my radio when I took this picture. My wife had this message on the dash of her car(our family car) so that she could read it every day and be lifted up. Her strength, courage, faith and love are missed dearly but will never be forgotten as they have left imprints on my heart. This is now on the dash in my Jeep and will remain there for years to come as it provides me with strength every time I read it. I will carry you within me forever Adrienne. Thank you for this powerful message but more importantly for the examples of beauty, strength and joy that you showed me through your love and in our lives together. I am forever grateful.

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