Sunday, November 9, 2014

Unforgettable Weekend, Unforgettable Memories. Savannah 1/2 Marathon

Back to where it all began on March 30th 2012. I cannot quite describe the feelings that came over me as I arrived back in Savannah for the first time since our wedding. I drove by the park where we had our first look, the park where we took our engagement photos, the restaurants where we ate and arrived to check into the hotel where so many great memories were made with loved ones at our reception. It was in this very same City, very same hotel that we had our first dance, where we were able to celebrate our marriage with all those that we hold dear.

This city is just as beautiful as it was then, though I view it with a much different perspective now. Its not quite the same when I'm taking in all its beauty without Adrienne there with me. I can picture her very vividly in this place, weather its at the candy store where we took some flirtatious engagement photos, or on River Street where we watched fire works together on the 4th of July. Along with the wedding, Adrienne and I also had many other amazing memories and experiences of Savannah together. She used to tell me early on when we started dating about how much she loved it here, and about how her dream was to be married at Forsyth park in front of the fountain which was right next to the tennis courts her Father played on as a youngster.

I saved the visit to Forsyth Park for after I crossed the finish line, although it was walking distance from my hotel on Friday night when I checked in. That was something that I wanted to experience for the first time after I finished the run, with a clear mind that I get from running. It was a whirlwind of emotions standing there in the very spot that we exchanged our vows a short time ago. Never would I have guessed this day would come as we stood there a few years ago, hand in hand, teary eyed and full of young love. Yet here I stand...

I managed to reach my personal goals for the run which made me excited but not surprised as I knew that Adrienne would be giving me strength the entire way. There were so many amazing people here with so many touching and amazing stories of trials, failures, struggles, victories or triumphs. I ran briefly next to a blind girl that was running her very first half marathon, also heard many stories of people running in honor of a loved one they had recently lost. No matter where you are, who you are or your circumstance, you cannot judge others nor assume that you know their situation must be better than yours because it simply may not be so. What an amazing fulfilling experience that I am very grateful to have had the health and opportunity to be apart of.

 Some of the hardest, most painful, and uneasy steps will ultimately be the ones that change us for the better or bring us one step closer to where we have aligned our goals. This is something that I have told friends and continuously tell myself when I feel uneasy or scared about another one of those firsts or steps leading to the unknown.  This run, this visit, and this fundraiser are all parts of those uneasy, scary yet oh so fulfilling steps that will ultimately guide me along my way on this uncharted path. I dont know whats next but I intend on taking it head on & whole heartedly.

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  1. She is with you always..never forget that.: )